About the company

We offer, at your disposal, the best specialists to help you achieve all of your professional goals. We are highly educated graduates of national and international universities, with long-standing professional experience.

Our international team is composed of:

  • Project Managers – who coordinate the work of translators, revisers, proofreaders, redactors, editors, and experts in quality management. Project Managers are also responsible for coordinating the functioning of the office and customer service, as well as the whole process of translation, together with the management of the implementation of translation orders.
  • Our translators – philologists and also frequently specialists in a given field, have at least five years experience in the business, in Poland and abroad. They are distinguished by their linguistic, cultural and technical competencies in translation. They are persons who live both in Poland and abroad. We assure that our translators improve their professional competencies and keep them up to date.
  • Verifiers – are experienced in translation of texts in a given field and analyze translated text to evaluate its appropriateness for the agreed-upon target. They order corrective actions if necessary.
  • Proofreaders – check the final version and correct it if necessary.
  • Editors – possess specialist knowledge in a given field, as they analyze target text in terms of its appropriateness to the agreed-upon target, and respect of conventions recognized in the field.
  • Publishing editors – assure technical processing of texts by acquiring and creating DTD, XML, SGML files, and preparing and segmenting documents for the needs of translation, among other things.
  • Quality management specialists – monitor the quality of translation services provided; apply documented procedures in the scope of final verification, archiving and traceability of an order’s history; conduct after-sale actions; and evaluate customer satisfaction.


We are one of few to provide services throughout Poland as well as internationally. We can provide services in all Polish provincial capital cities, as well as abroad.

In your best interests we scrupulously complete the tasks entrusted to us. Our strengths are reliability, timeliness, diligence and a guarantee of the highest quality of services.