Quarterly Meeting of the Members of the Polish Association of Translation Companies, PSBT, Gdańsk, 4 July 2014

The quarterly meeting of the Polish Association of Translation Companies, otherwise known as PSBT, was held in Gdańsk on 4 July 2014. Our company was obviously also present as an active member of the association.

Mr Grzegorz Wójcik from the Magit translation office presented the latest trends in the translation sector in the home and global market and his presentation raised the general interest of participants.

Thereafter a discussion took place under the slogan “What’s going on in the sector – promotion, management, solution to the crisis”. The debate concerned particular ideas for the effective development of translation offices associated within PSBT, strenghtening their competitiveness in relation to the expectations of customers and pieces of advice on how to cope with the competition in the market in our sector.

Mr Krzysztof Leporowski from Gambit Studio (Gdańsk) prepared the whole meeting in a charming location in Gdańsk Old Town for which we would like to thank him very much. We also appreciate the Management Board of PSBT for their invitation and we look forward to attending another such event with such good company.