Employee Value Proposition

Higher education graduates of the humanities are welcome to serve a 3-month apprenticeship in our Translation Office during the summer period.

During their apprenticeship graduates:

  • will familiarize themselves with the general principles functioning within the company
  • will participate in the activities of those departments whose profile is consistent with their interests and with the education they have acquired thus far
  • will, under the supervision of a mentor, perform jobs ranging from simple tasks, providing help in the departments requiring support at a particular time, to the implementation of more complex, individual projects, allowing the apprentice a considerable independence and giving them a chance to demonstrate their knowledge, creativity and unique approach to a task.

The course of the apprenticeship will be supervised by a mentor dedicated to the graduate, who will clearly define the objectives of the implementation of the modern apprenticeship program, taking into consideration the needs of our Office.

We hope that among the trainees there will be people for whom this apprenticeship will not only be interesting but which will also allow them to derive satisfaction and motivation from the work, testing their abilities and developing a range of capabilities such as problem solving, stress resistance, organizational and negotiation skills, making individual decisions, assertiveness and teamwork.

If you are an ambitious, communicative, honest, sincere graduate striving for the best results, with a flexible mind and analytical thinking, who wants to conscientiously enter into the occupational world and acquire crucial skills that will pay off in the future, don’t hesitate to contact us.

We are waiting for the next ambassador of our company!