From the life of the office

Between the years 2016 and 2022 we fulfilled over 2460 orders.
So far, we have given work to many professional translators. We have educated several reliable
trainees, allowing them to expand their career horizons. We gave ambitious and conscientious
students an opportunity to develop and learn about the industry.
In our cooperation we focus on partnership, flexibility, professional competencies, honesty, integrity
and good heart.
We have cooperated and still cooperate mainly with large professional business entities and
institutions as well as with international organizations. We also respect and serve each of our retail
customers. Our work may be invisible from the outside; however, we can proudly say that our efforts
have contributed to the success of many international events and the favorable settlement of
thousands of our clients’ cases.
We would also like to thank our competition for being there, motivating us to constantly try to
improve and for inspiring us to put more effort to expand and enhance our company every day.
We would like to thank all employees for their joint work so far and we welcome new associates to
the joint constructive cooperation.