We provide interpreting in numerous language combinations:

from Polish into other languages and the reverse
from a foreign language into another one.

We specialize in the following types of interpreting:

  • consecutive interpreting – with the use of specialized interpreting equipment:
    A) public speeches: conferences and meetings of up to 20 participants, workshops, exhibitions, seminars, promotional, occasional and field events;

    B) organized groups – e.g. trips, the possibility to guide in several languages simultaneously;

    C) in business: interpreting with equipment, when much noise impedes sightseeing and talks.

    • liaison interpreting:

      A) without equipment or making notes by the interpreter (recipients: one or two persons, a small group) – assistance in meetings and negotiations requiring great attention to details, e.g. at court during hearing witnesses or experts, during training sessions or presentations;

      B) accompanying interpreting – so called assistance – business meetings and trips, casual meetings.


  • simultaneous interpreting – international conferences and conventions, galas, events, trade fairs

A) with interpreting systems and cabins for meeting over 20 participants;

B) with the use of portable interpreting equipment for meetings of below 20 participants;

C) without equipment – whispered: adequate in situations when only a limited number of participants do not speak the language used by the majority taking part in the conference or meeting.

“relay” – indirect interpreting through another language, e.g. for Italian-English pairing at a conference, with speakers of English, Polish and Italian (with the use of equipment).

Apart from the very best simultaneous and conference interpreters we provide professional portable and conference equipment for interpreting and audio-visual and sound systems.

Our offer also includes equipment installation in a chosen building and time available with technical assistance during the event.

Our expertise covers the following fields: history, the economy, law, insurance, education, technology/engineering, advertising and marketing as well as business meetings.